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Covid-19 Client Risk Assessment Form


Due to COVID 19 we are required to take extra additional steps in relation to our health and safety in preparing you for a Driving Lesson or Driving Test environment.


I would like you to complete a Risk Assessment document to ensure we are doing all we can to be as safe as possible. Your Risk Assessment Form and the accompanying Guidance Notes below will provide you with the information that needs to be in place prior to us commencing to your driving lessons.


Please don't hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions about your Risk Assessment form.


Should you answer 'YES' to any of the questions on your Risk Assessment form, you and I will need to have a chat to agree how this may affect your Lessons Schedule, and for us to plan accordingly.  Therefore, to allow you and I time for any potential discussion to take place, please return your form to me by email 48 hours before your next booked lesson.


If we plan more than one lesson in a week, then I would ask that you submit your form once a week unless your health changes. If you find you are experiencing any changes to your health, you must please call or text me in between these lessons.


Whilst your Risk Assessment is to make sure you are as safe as possible whilst on your driving lesson, I too will honour this and will advise you prior to any lesson should I find I am either experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in the presence of someone who has presented symptoms, which will require me to self-isolate.


We cannot be too cautious and therefore, I urge your honesty whenever you are completing this form and I will extend that same honesty to you.


In addition to completing your Risk Assessment form and returning it to me no less than 48 hours before your lesson starts, we will have the following areas to also take into consideration:


Prior to Your Lesson at the Agreed Time of Your Lesson

I will greet you outside the car prior to your lesson and - observing physical distancing - we will have a last-minute check that you are well and discuss our plan for your lesson.


Look out for me at your designated lesson time so that we can start.  I will be unable to come to your door.

I will have wiped down and sanitised the vehicle prior to you entering the vehicle for your lesson. (See your Risk Assessment form)


If you need to present your Provisional Driving Licence (in the case of your first lesson), I will ask you show it to me. I will not touch it.  It may be helpful that if possible, you take a photograph of both sides of your Licence and send it to me prior to your first lesson. I will not keep that data after first checks.


Please ensure you have washed your hands prior to getting into the car and that you are wearing a mask and gloves (optional).

I will in any case, give you hand sanitiser before you enter the vehicle.


During Your Lesson

With these precautions in place, we want to minimise the time required prior to your lesson starting to ensure your lesson and learning time is maximised.

You will still have the full duration we have agreed for your lesson, even though a few minutes need to be taken ahead of your lesson starting for these safety procedures. I will arrive a few minutes early, prior to your lesson start time.


I will not share any printed material with you in car.  


Visual learning will be done in such a way that only I touch the material and if required, I will - if needed - send learning materials digitally to you afterwards.  


There will be no sharing of writing material/pens/paper.  Payment for your lesson by my website would be preferred.


After Your Lesson

As noted above, it is vital you report to me by phone, email, text message or Facebook to report any changes to your health in between lessons.  


If I don't hear from you, then I will come for you at your next agreed lesson date and time.  


Be sure to complete the Risk Assessment once a week and email it to me 48 hours before your lesson. I request you to take responsibility for this. Failure to do so may result in your lesson not going ahead.


We will need to adhere to this process until further notice. Should any advice or guidance change, you will receive updated notes to reflect this.


All these measures are in place to make sure not only that you and I are as safe as possible, but more importantly to give you the best opportunity to learn and develop your driving skills.



The purpose of this Assessment form is to ensure that both you as my client, and I as your Driving Instructor, are fully informed of any health conditions or concerns you have regarding personal safety during driving lessons.  It is also to ensure any questions you have are answered and necessary planning and equipment are put in place before we commence all Driving Lessons.

If applicable, please take the time to discuss this form with your family members or those in your household before completing this form to ensure everyone in your home understands the questions and that your answers are accurate. You can complete the form digitally or print & complete whichever is your preference.

Once you have completed the form return to me electronically by email.










I will be Sanitising the car between every lesson and before and after driving tests with anti-virus grade sanitiser. This means I will be wiping down all touchable surfaces with this sanitiser in spray and/or wipes form.

Surfaces include, door frames, door handles inside and out, controls (signals, gear stick, parking brake, bonnet release), mirrors, seatbelts, seat adjusters and seats.




At time of writing, it is a requirement that we wear suitable clothing and footwear that minimises the exposure of bare skin (arms, legs, feet) whilst in car. This means wearing long sleeved tops and shirts (no T-shirts or ¾ sleeved shirts or tops), long trousers (no shorts, dresses or skirts) and footwear such as comfortable shoes or trainers (no open toed sandals).  There may be a change to this policy and Standard Operating Procedure, but this is the current guidance regarding clothing and footwear. You will be updated, as and when this guidance changes.

May I please request that you ensure you comply with these requirements during your lesson and/or whilst out on your driving test?

Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to ask.


My email address is:

My mobile number is: 07879492116

Driving Instructor Kenneth David Cunningham

Data Protection Statement: All data is held securely by your Driving Instructor. Data will be treated in strictest confidence and will never be disclosed to external third parties or organisations, other than those – such as an NHS Medical or Track & Trace professional - who may require evidence in respect of your responses relating to your health, symptoms and that of your Driving Instructor in relation to Covid-19.

Weekly Covid Health Check

Please fill out the following form every week before any lessons.

Have you had any symptoms or suffered from COVID- 19 since your last driving lesson? 
Does any member of your immediate household currently have any COVID- 19 symptoms or reason to feel they need to self-isolate? 
Do you or anyone who you are in regular close contact with have any health issues which are classed as a vulnerable group in respect of COVID-19 Government guidelines?

If ‘YES’ to the above, I will need to call you to have a chat about your personal situation regarding your lesson plan and agree timescales.

Do you have any allergies or health conditions that means you would not be able to use Hand Sanitiser provided by me?

If ‘YES’, you must bring your own products to cleanse your hands and keep you safe before touching the vehicle or controls in the car

I may be wearing a face covering during lessons in order to minimise risk from myself to you. This means my voice may not be as clear or loud. Do you have any difficulties with hearing?

If ‘YES’, please advise details so we can discuss options to work round this issue.

I expect you to wear a face covering during lessons in order to minimise risk from you to myself. Would this cause any problems
Do you have any allergies or breathing/respiratory conditions or other health problems for which this sanitisation process would cause you any problems or difficulties?

If ‘YES’, I will need to discuss a plan with you prior to lessons to work around this issue.                                   

Thank you for your help and co-operation in completing and submitting your Risk Assessment document. It is much appreciated.


See you soon.

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